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el Dom Feb 26, 2012 10:58 pm
- IP:
- Port: 7171
- Client: 8.60
- WebSite:
-contamos con nuestro cliente propio lo optendras en la web ok
- mini global

~*~Quest Name~*~
- The Annihilator Quest
- Demon Helmet Quest
- The Elemental Spheres Quest
- Firewalker Boots Quest
- The Inquisition Quest
- Killing in the Name of... Quest
- The Pits of Inferno Quest
- In Service of Yalahar Quest
- Shadows of Yalahar Quest
- Tomes of Knowledge Quest
- The New Frontier Quest
- The Demon Oak Quest
And MANY More!!

~*~ Server Features ~*~
Uptime 24/7
Open-PvP (Protection Level 80)
Balanced vocations
All Monsters with their respective loot
All real tibia features such as all houses, all npcs!

~*~ Rates ~*~
Skills: 13x
Magic: 13x
Loot: 7

~*~ Frags ~*~
Daily frags to Red Skull: 30
Weekly frags to Red Skull: 60
Monthly frags to Red Skull: 200
The experience stages

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