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[Modern AAC] Modern AAC v1.0.2 Rev 265

el Vie Feb 17, 2012 9:08 pm
Aqui les traigo el modern aac de una muy buena vercion con los siguientes cambios de las anteriores:

62    5m    tatu_hunter    /    Changed version to 1.0.2   
261    23m    tatu_hunter    /    * Now ModernAAC require PHP version >= 5.3.5   
260    27m    tatu_hunter    /    * lot of improvements, please is recommended that you upgrade to this version.
* Creating pages now working as it should.
* I think all models is using Active Records.
* This version come without any sql injection (i think) =P   
259    8d 20h    tatu_hunter    /    Fixed error in videos_model
@Paxton please commit errors which you answer in forum, post the solution here.   
258    12d 04h    tatu_hunter    /    Fixed problem in admin_model in inserting news.   
257    14d 20h    tatu_hunter    /    Highscores_model some improvements
Videos_model now using active records   
256    17d 04h    tatu_hunter    /    Some changes in admin view !   
255    17d 05h    tatu_hunter    /    Updated dbSCHEMA.txt   
254    17d 05h    tatu_hunter    /    Home_model is now using Active Records too
This should fix for who having problems with players which have ' in name.   
253    17d 06h    tatu_hunter    /    Fixed problem in create guild if player have ' the guild is created, but the forum borad no.   
252    17d 07h    tatu_hunter    /    fixed an error with account_model, was unable to create account.

Please if you downloaded any rev after 244, download this!   
251    18d 07h    tatu_hunter    /    my mistake forget one file =]   
250    18d 07h    tatu_hunter    /    Patched guild system with changes made by MiPo91 (didnt tested it)
with this patch should fix some errors like:
1.Players can't leave from guild.
2.Vice leaders cant invite players.
3.Guild Leaders cant do anything(only owner could).

PS: you must be offline to do these actions.   
249    18d 07h    tatu_hunter    /    - let hidden some functions in admin view (fetches from the api server which is down)   
248    18d 07h    tatu_hunter    /    + added to copy items from samples when creating account   
247    18d 08h    tatu_hunter    /    - typo fix in highscores.php view thx to tosuxo   
246    18d 09h    tatu_hunter    /    - Proper fix on account_model, using Active Records
- character_model using active records too

Update to this version!   
245    18d 09h    tatu_hunter    /       
244    50d 01h    jano    /    Temp fix to a fatal error.
Recommended to update.   
243    93d 04h    stian    /    Ok, more propper fix (less buggy)   
242    93d 05h    stian    /    SERIOUS SECURITY FIX   
241    113d 04h    stian    /    Typo   
240    114d 04h    stian    /    No leave, join or kick while the player are online   
239    114d 23h    stian    /    * Some guild fixes, untested   
238    124d 06h    tatu_hunter    /    Changed the validation if character exists, update to this one!   
237    124d 06h    tatu_hunter    /    Changed the function ucfirst to a custom function strFirst() which is better, if you find any error post on forums   
236    124d 07h    tatu_hunter    /    Now the first letter of player name when creating an account is always capital letter   
235    124d 22h    stian    /    Fix notice error   
234    126d 18h    tatu_hunter    /    typo   
233    126d 21h    tatu_hunter    /    Improved again nickname validation and changed the function eregi to preg_match since eregi is deprecated after php 5.3   
232    127d 01h    tatu_hunter    /    Improved nickname validation!   
231    127d 19h    tatu_hunter    /    Fix another bug in create account page, player name now accept only valid string and added a missing function to validate the player name.   
230    127d 19h    tatu_hunter    /    Fix bug with inverted sex id in account create page (thx to kito2)   
229    128d 16h    tatu_hunter    /    Fix bug with poll system (please update your old)
Now is only 1 vote per account
Changed the dbSCHEMA again to work with the poll system (please update your data base)   
228    129d 01h    stian    /    Fix a notice issue with POST requests
E_ALL is not the default warning level. ModernAAC got to notices atm that I can find   
227    129d 01h    stian    /    BUGFIX: If the world = 0 and default world aint then world = 0 got no highscore! It will use default. FIXED   
226    129d 01h    stian    /    Typo + fix notice   
225    129d 02h    stian    /    sql_regcase alternative implantation (bad, rewrite it using pecl when you got the time...)   
224    129d 19h    tatu_hunter    /    Fixed a tiny bug with poll system   
223    129d 20h    tatu_hunter    /    Forget the tables for poll system :P
added in dbSCHEMA.txt import it to your db or just install Modern again...   
222    129d 20h    tatu_hunter    /    Added Poll System, but its in beta stage...

To add the poll to your layout just add in somewhere the var {$poll}

Report all bugs thx!   
221    130d 05h    tatu_hunter    /    Fixed problem with adding/editing news.
Changed the security.php
Changed the admin_model now using Active Records   
220    130d 19h    tatu_hunter    /    Fixed problem with scaffolding in admin area   
219    131d 04h    tatu_hunter    /    Fixed a bug with losing premium days when login into game (lastday should be updated when creating an account). thx to Kiel   
218    131d 17h    tatu_hunter    /    Added link to player name in highscores, sorry for inconvenience my mistake   
217    131d 17h    tatu_hunter    /    Typo   
216    131d 17h    tatu_hunter    /    Fixed little problem with pagination in highscores   
215    131d 18h    tatu_hunter    /    NOW fully fixed bug with creating character in different world, the problem was in POT/OTS_Player.php =D   
214    131d 18h    tatu_hunter    /    Fixed not showing "Posted on: date" in home.php
Removed unnecessary line from highscores controller   
213    131d 18h    tatu_hunter    /    Sorry, missed upload highscore_model.php.   
212    131d 18h    tatu_hunter    /    Rewritten highscore controller, highscore view, now with pagination (configurable in config.php)
Added model highscore_model   
211    132d 19h    tatu_hunter    /    Oops, my mistake...   
210    132d 19h    tatu_hunter    /    Again, now problem with recovery key solved, by default in POT the column key is set to empty
Changed again dbSCHEMA.txt column key now default value is ''   
209    133d 01h    tatu_hunter    /    Fixed bug with recovery key, changed the default value of column key in dbSCHEMA.txt, so now when create an new account they can register a new recovery key.   
208    133d 01h    tatu_hunter    /    Changed the default error_reporting(E_ALL) to (E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE).   
207    133d 08h    tatu_hunter    /    Fixed bug with creating character with multi-worlds
Now when creating account you create your first char together (works with multi-world)
Added some private functions to accounts controller
Added funcition characterExists( $name ) which return true/false to character_model
Changed the layout and css of create account   
206    133d 11h    znote    /    Integrate facebook to latest news? (true/false) option in config.php   
205    139d 09h    znote    /    Sample character compatibility fix. Added tfs 0.3(4) containers functions to POT. And used these functions in character.php. Unless you have custom SQL values, you won't notice the difference.   
204    155d 02h    stian    /    Bugfix for guild injection (thanks to znote and tatu hunter for pointing it out)   
203    160d 06h    paxton    /    Fix to the way of displaying videos   
202    160d 09h    stian    /    Fix warnings for a second time   
201    162d 15h    stian    /    * restrict accounts (thanks to znote for the idea)
* Fixed a bug with email vertifier   
200    169d 01h    paxton    /    Small fix. So it's visible.   
199    169d 02h    paxton    /    Fixed two bugs, thanks to Xampy.   
198    172d 05h    paxton    /    Fixed editing comments   
197    173d 04h    paxton    /    Removed require   
196    173d 04h    paxton    /    Trying to fix the problem with back redirects.   
195    173d 04h    paxton    /    Probably small fix to videos   
194    173d 04h    paxton    /    Changed to working copy   
193    173d 04h    pax

Esta versión tiene:

* Guild System arreglado (Leaders y Vice Leaders pueden invitar)
* Crear characters al crear la cuenta (Como en RL)
* Poll System
* Guild Page
* Y mucho más...

Esta versión es la mas recomendable Para Modern AAC.

& Estos Son Los Updates (:

Updated to rev265.
Added support for php >= 5.3
Updated to rev264.
Fixed the problem security.php

Aqui esta el link de descarga
Descarga Modern Acc

Es una Descarga Oficial Asi que no Hay Scan

Espero que les Sirva
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Re: [Modern AAC] Modern AAC v1.0.2 Rev 265

el Lun Mayo 14, 2012 7:50 pm
tiene el error de Crear Guilds pffs
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