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[USA] TibiaSoft 8.60 | RealMap |

el Dom Jul 06, 2014 2:05 am

TibiaSoft has started a new season in which you can enjoy many adventures, experiences, wars and go hunting with your friends!

Annihilator Quest, Elemental sphere quest, Inquisition quest, Killing in the name of... quest, Pits of inferno quest, In service of yalahar quest, Shadows of yalahar quest, Demon helmet quest, Tome of knowledge quest, The New frontier quest, Demon oak quest, Firewalker boots quest, Children of the revolution quest, Wrath of the emperor quest And More!.

» 24 Hours Online
» Great PvP experience
» Balanced vocations
» Real guild war system
» Bank system via Talkactions and Npc''s
» Raid system and Boss spawns
» No overpowered donation items
» All Monsters with their respective loot
» Push just like real tibia
» Hotkey is fixed so it propperly display potions
» All The Spells Working 100% And Balanced
» Citizen Teleports Working!
» Without lags

» IP:
» Website:
» Client: 8.60
» Port: 7171

» EXP Rate: 80x Start (Statges)
» Skill Rate: 20x
» Magic Rate: 13x
» Loot Rate: 5x

At level 190 you will get 5 Premium Points to your Account
At level 220 you will get 10 Premium Points to your Account!

Your Guild Need 10 Players Active And Each One Level 100+ With 9 Different IP'S For Prevent The MC Abuser's, If Your Guild Is Ready For The The Points Ingame Just Type This Command:
And All The Guild Member Will Get 15 Premium Points!
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Re: [USA] TibiaSoft 8.60 | RealMap |

el Mar Jul 08, 2014 8:55 am
Angeliker tengo una guild con 20 players por ts queremos jugar en tu server... alguna manera de que nos des unos puntikos para empesar?
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